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About Logical Chess

The logicalchess.com domain went fully online for the first time 0709 CST 29 December 2001. It is an evolution of the "Chess Archives" under the traveller.com, hsv.tis.net, and liveonthenet.com domains circa March 1994. The entire Logical Chess Web Site is copyrighted © 1994 by David Hayes in all its variations as it has evolved since it went online. All rights are reserved.

It is our goal and policy to provide you with excellent content about the game of chess, without pop-up ads, without collecting your personal information, and without sending you spam.

We invite you to post a link to Logical Chess in your web site.

We are interested in your comments and suggestions. Please send us email at dahleet@gmail.com.

Those who say they understand chess, understand nothing.

Robert Hübner