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"It's a great game of chess that's being played -
all over the world."

Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass

So, we challenge you.

Yes, you and your chess club. The Huntsville Chess Club extends a warm invitation to any chess club in the world. We invite you to play chess with us by email.

Typical Correspondence Chess Rules:

See our past challenges.

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Date Started



1 Scacchistica PartenopeaHuntsville Chess ClubJUN 1996Completed0 - 1
2 Huntsville Chess ClubScacchistica PartenopeaJUN 1996Completed1 - 0
3 Tuscaloosa Chess ClubHuntsville Chess ClubAPR 2000Completed0 - 1
4 Huntsville Chess ClubTuscaloosa Chess ClubAPR 2000Completed1 - 0
5 Nimzo Friends Chess ClubHuntsville Chess ClubNOV 2000Completed0 - 1
6 Huntsville Chess ClubNimzo Friends Chess ClubNOV 2000Completed1 - 0
7 Birmingham Chess ClubHuntsville Chess ClubJAN 2001Completed 0 - 1
8 Huntsville Chess ClubBirmingham Chess ClubJAN 2001Completed1/2
9 Murphysboro Chess ClubHuntsville Chess ClubFEB 2004Completed 0 - 1
10 Huntsville Chess ClubMurphysboro Chess ClubFEB 2004Completed 1 - 0

As an official representative and point of contact of your chess club, you may accept our challenge, or get more information. Contact: Gerald Larson 256.783.5042

Last modified: 01 March 2016