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2008 Space City Open Photos

October 4-5, 2008

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Left to right: Matt Puckett, Josh McClellen, Jerry Wheeler (Nashville) Ron BurnettLeft to Right: Mark Cobb, Jerry Wheeler (Nashville), Kyle Humphrey's Mom, Josh McClellen, Pikria Saliashvili, Qianjun Li
Left to Right: Matt Puckett Gerald Larson, Robert Hydzik (standing) Louis De Fiore, Charles AshmoreForeground Table: Alex Weiner left, Eleanor Barkley right; Ray Downs left, Aluda Saliashvili right
Foreground Table: Left - Thomas Gilbreath, Randon Dupont right; Adam Towns in between; Greg Funaro playing Matt Puckett. Others named in previous photosStart far left front tables; Jerry Wheeler (Nashville), Joseph Scott; Ray Downs vs Mark Cobb; Third Row: Don Wade in Cap vs Kyle Humphrey; Far Upper Right: Greg Funaro taking on water
Left to Right: Jerry Wheeler (Nashville), Johs McClellen, Matt Puckett, Steve Gibson & Robert Hydzik clearing table; Ray Downs; Eleanor BarkleyGreg Funaro vs Eleanor Barkley Round 4; Backgound center Corbin Holland
Elora Holland vs James Davis Novice Section Rd. 4