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Correspondence Chess Cards

Warning! Some of the cards depicted on this page may be offensive to some people. All the cards were sent with good intent and in good humor. If you have an interesting card or two, then I invite you to send them to me with your story.

This card was sent to me by my opponent in the 1994 Alabama Chess Federation Correspondence Chess Championship. The U.S. Post Office mangled his card, but managed to return it in a bag explaining that it was damaged by "mechanical methods used to maintain production." He resent the move together with this card in a letter.

Again in the 1994 Alabama Chess Federation Correspondence Chess Championship, a different opponent thought so much of his moves that he sent this picture post card. I am the poor unfortunate wretch depicted on the ground.

The back of the card read: "I capitulate! There is absolutely no question as to the outcome of our game. Nice play!" Submitted by: David Zechiel

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