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Chess Titans

Chess Titans is a computer chess game included with the latest Windows Operating Systems. A simple Internet Web search can provide you with the details.

Many chess players have matched wits with this Silicon Kitten. Most accomplished players can easily beat Chess Titans. Again, a simple Internet search can provide you with example games.

The program does not maintain and provide a move record; a serious deficiency for a number of reasons. Without a move record, it is difficult to measure and present the quality of its play.

I offer the following end-of-game screen captures as a way to measure Chess Titan's quality of play.

The final position of checkmate.

The proceeding move in the same game.

- This single game was played on a 2.7MHz Dual Core Intel system with 4GB of RAM running Windows 7.
- I gave all the advantage to Chess Titans. I played the black pieces against Chess Titans set to its highest settings.
- I ended up with no less than 7 Queens. I did this by promoting 7 pawns to Queen.
- The maximum number of Queens on the board for any side is 9 (the original Queen and 8 promotions). So there is room for improvement.

I challenge you to do better. Send me a photo of 8 or more black Queens.

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