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Opening Library

Why not start with the opening?

Beginners often spend too much time memorizing opening moves without an understanding of opening fundamentals. The beginner will become easily confused when his or her opponent varies from memorized lines. Therefore, beginners are well advised to initially avoid memorizing opening moves like those presented on these pages. Beginners should study the endgame first.

Opening theory changes with each new innovation. Therefore, skilled players should study many openings.

Each significant chess opening is categorized by informal and formal names. The formal name is its ECO Code. Here you will find an overview presentation of a few openings selected for entertainment.

Let the Games Begin...
  • 1. e4 d5: The Center Counter or Scandinavian Defense ECO Code B01
  • 1. g4!: The Grob ECO Code A00
  • Opening Data: Megabytes of chess games in PGN format indexed by opening in ECO code.

... the initial position is decisive Zugzwang.

Jon Speelman